Will there Ever be a Global Asset Grab?

The theory is that there is a limited supply of most types of assets, at least those that would be difficult to replace. Assuming that there is in place a global economic expansion, it is only a matter of time before all the assets are used up and incremental demand will then drive up prices rapidly. We have all seen bubbles. Many say that there is a bubble in the current real estate boom in such countries as Australia and China, which have powered through the economic recession and never had a down year. What is clear is that we now have an opportunity to buy many assets at reasonable valuations due to concern of a double dip in the economy, unsustainable government debts, and a devolving economy as increased unemployment drives reduced demand.

We think that there is now a great opportunity to buy assets, and a good asset allocation policy will help protect against the vagaries of the markets and economies.

About Nick Stonnington

Nick Stonnington has been a wealth advisor since 1983. He founded Stonnington Group in 2004 to better serve clients by offering them a platform for independent fiduciary advice. The Stonnington Group team manages client investments and advises on their businesses. Nick was ranked #1 in Los Angeles by Registered Rep Magazine in 2002 for "America's Best Wealth Advisors." Nick's expert commentary has been featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Investment News, and Investment Advisor. His research has been published in the Family Wealth Report and he has written articles on investing for numerous industry journals.
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