Sharing the Burden

My friend Robert O’Brien writes about the state of defense spending as a result of the credit crisis in the following commentary:

He raises an interesting idea about getting all of our allies, such as Australia and India, to share our defense burden. We need to find more such allies and operate on the assumption that U.S. power will increasingly be dependent upon allied forces. Along these same lines, we need to work for an open trade environment to facilitate common interests. There is actually a risk of a festering trade war that might come about as a result of our current currency war. History has shown that trade wars eventually escalate into real wars. In my opinion, if we can keep currency and trade dictated by market forces, we hopefully will avoid this risk.


About Nick Stonnington

Nick Stonnington has been a wealth advisor since 1983. He founded Stonnington Group in 2004 to better serve clients by offering them a platform for independent fiduciary advice. The Stonnington Group team manages client investments and advises on their businesses. Nick was ranked #1 in Los Angeles by Registered Rep Magazine in 2002 for "America's Best Wealth Advisors." Nick's expert commentary has been featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Investment News, and Investment Advisor. His research has been published in the Family Wealth Report and he has written articles on investing for numerous industry journals.
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